To Schedule an Appointment Online - For registered users only

 1.      Use your home or office computer that is connected to the Internet

 2.      Start the Internet Explorer browser if not already open.

 3.      Enter in the website address box of the Internet Explorer browser.

 4.      Click Members Only

 5.      Enter your username and password.

6.      Your Home Page will appear.

7.      Click Appointments to schedule or change appointments.

a.      Standard clinic days and hours will be displayed.

b.      A Calendar will appear.

8.      Click a valid clinic day on the calendar.

9.      All appointment “slots” will appear (available and not available slots).

10.  Click Make Appointment to schedule an appointment on your preferred time slot.

a.      A pop-up screen will appear.  (Make sure your computer permits “pop-ups.”  You may need to adjust the size of the pop-up by clicking on the lower right corner and “dragging” the corner to change the pop-up window size.)

b.      If you desire, enter Symptoms, reason for appointment, or comments.

c.      Click Print if you want a printed reminder copy of the appointment.

11.  Click Submit to save. (The pop-up window will close automatically.)

a.      The Calendar will automatically update and show your scheduled appointment.

b.      You can edit or delete your appointment at any time.

c.      You can only view details about your own appointment.  No one else can see that you have a scheduled appointment.


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