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The Confederates
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Circa 1925

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Monument Soldier Today

At the turn of the century, many loyal Confederates and veterans were still clinging to memories of the Civil War. Three groups; J.P. Bivouac, The Ladies Memorial Association and The Sons of Veterans were given permission to honor the Confederacy with a monument for the Courthouse lawn. This is the only Confederate memorial in our county. The Stones River National Battlefield was only to commemorate the union participation. By the 1920’s, automobiles became a fixture on the Square along with buggies and wagons. It became apparent that the road around the Square had to be widened and paved. This put an end to horse drawn vehicle.

The monument was moved to the Northeast corner of the Square. The infantryman symbolically was placed there to repel a northern invasion.

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From here...

To here, its present location

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