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bulletCivil War bullet found at Courthouse
January 13, 2002 Daily News Journal Article

Origin of Site

Through the use of early original photographs, modern restoration technology, and carefully researched historical narratives, SHACKLETT’S PHOTOGRAPHY has teamed up with THE RUTHERFORD COUNTY OFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY to originate an interactive educational website available to all on the Internet.

The purpose of this site is four-fold:

bulletTo educate the community about the history of our city, country, and region as the people who lived here interacted with one another and responded to economic, political, agricultural, and sociological issues of their day.
bulletTo share both the best of academic research and the most pertinent of oral traditions in order to show how these served to shape and develop our community.
bulletBy utilizing the Internet, the presenters encourage area-wide educators to discover the website and find out for themselves how they enhance their curricula quickly and easily, especially at the level of inviting their students to explore the website firsthand on a frequent and regular basis.
bulletPerhaps most importantly, the presence of local and regional cultural heritage on the Internet is an exciting catalyst to discussion of "how we have become who we are" on a personal basis. Site visitors are encouraged to share their own recollections and stories, not only with the presenters, but with every future visitor by clicking on a special RESPONSE section of the site which will send an email to the presenters. Significant responses and stories will then be included in future postings on the site.

For further information, please contact the presenters directly. They are:

bulletGloria Christy and Leah Cantrell at Shacklett’s Photography, phone 615-893-2369, e-mail Shackletts,
bulletBrian Robertson at The Rutherford County Office of Information Technology, phone 615-898-7762, e-mail or


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